Technical Experience

  • Security, data integrity and safety, and software testing on hosted and cloud environments
  • Real-time System Design and implementation:
    • Scheduling, mutual exclusion and process management, task synchronization and communication
    • QNX Software Development Platform and QNX Neutrino RTOS for real time embedded systems
  • Experience with Altera FPGA and Freescale Boards
    • Design of an Altitude Correction System using IR sensors
    • Design of a kickback detection system for angle grinders using digital gyroscope and accelerometer
  • Experience with programing microcontrollers using C (e.g. Arduino Mega 2560)
    • Design and implementation of a reflow oven (senior design project)
    • Design of multiple subsystems and integration of them on a mobile robot with manual and fully automated modes
  • Safety-Critical System Design – Theoretical design of a fail-operate Automatic Landing System for an aircraft
  • Design and implementation of safety circuits – using the concept of dead man’s switch in an electronic device (used in reflow oven – senior design project)
  • Electronic circuit simulation in PSpice, data acquisition and linearization using transducers
  • Design and implementation of control systems using PID, Model Predictive Control and Dahlin
  • Sensor selection and instrumentation, signal processing and conditioning, computer interfacing, optimization techniques, algorithm design and intelligent sensor modelling
  • Design and construction of a step-down transformer and an AC-DC power supply

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